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Full-Service Wildlife Removal Company Solving Every Kind Of Wildlife Problem

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Wildlife Removal & Repairs

We exclude animals from your home using one-way doors or last resort, physical removal. Once animals are excluded, we repair all entry points from shingles, soffits, sidings or other area damaged by wildlife. 

Humane Wildlife Trapping

We offer humane trapping. All our traps contain food, water, and proper shelter. All animals are relocated a minimum 2 kilomtres away from your property.

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Perimeter Protection

We seal up all residential and commercial entry points whether it’s from raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, squirrels, fishers, bats, mice, snakes, and rodents. 

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Urban WIldlife Solutions responded quickly to my situation and provided a professional and rapid response.
Martin Foster
Urban Wildlife Solutions resolved our wildlife problems with expert knowledge and effective solutions. Will definitely be using their services again.
Bryan Cirius
I am so happy I found this company. Not only did they get rid of the wildlife problem, they ensured our house is protected from this happening in the future.
Jane Dowser

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