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If you hear thumping, scratching or other loud noises, you may have raccoons. Raccoons cause much damage to our dwellings, tearing open soffits, and damaging roofs, fireplaces, and exterior vents. Call Urban Wildlife Solutions for removal and repair. 


Skunks can take control of your outdoor living space. They take harborage under sheds and decks, and can even get trapped in window wells. Be careful your pets or loved ones do not sprayed. Call Urban Wildlife Solutions for humane skunk removal. 

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With squirrels you may hear light scratching and scurrying sounds within your home. Squirrels need to be removed immediately to prevent interior damage such as small holes in your siding, soffits, and facia.

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Rodents & Bats

Rats and mice can squeeze through the tiniest exterior cracks and crevices to gain entry to your home. Rodents not only cause physical damage to your home but their feces is toxic to your environment. Call Urban Wildlife Solutions for our seasonal inspection to seal up your home. We are also experienced in removing less common rodents, such as muskrats. 


Scratching, chirping sounds in exterior vents or soffits may indicate the presence of birds. Call Urban Wildlife Solutions to remove nests, rescue, and/or deter birds from your property.

Groundhogs & Porcupines

Groundhogs dig large holes, causing damage to your lawn. These burrows can later be occupied by other animals such as skunks. Porcupines dig up your grass and gnaw on wood products or trees on your property.  Call Urban Wildlife Solutions for exclusion or humane live trapping. 


Snakes can be found in your garden, lying under yard debris or even under your bbq! They can easily slither through small gaps or crevises. Call Urban Wildlife Solutions to snake removal. 

Dead Animal Removal

Sometimes unfortunately it happens that we find a dead animal. Urban Wildlife Solutions will come to remove deceased wildlife from your property.

Exterior Vent Replacement

Exterior vents are designed to prevent cold drafts, insects, and wildlife from entering your home. When exterior vents are damaged, they become easy entry points for animals. Urban Wildlife Solutions offers full exterior inspections and provides custom exterior vent covers. 

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